Endloskontrolle von Bahnwaren

Endless control of web goods

Textile endless control

2D endless control. There are often tasks that require an inspection of lateral surfaces or endless materials. Line scan cameras are used for this purpose. Web goods are typical for endless checks. The application shows the inspection for defects in textile surfaces.

The system structure consists of a line scan camera, entocentric optics and reflected light illumination. The web material is moved under the camera and scanned in continuous operation. The working distances and fields of view are tailored to the task and can be adjusted for similar applications.


  • Small size surface flaws detectable
  • Flexibility in training and excluding true allowable damages
  • easy to use because customer-specific setting parameters in one dialog
  • Scanning times with the resulting resolutions can be set via the tape speed
  • The system can be specially adapted to specific needs and transferred to various applications.
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