Vermessung einer Kleberaupe in 3D

Measurement of an adhesive bead in 3D

The application shows a bead of glue.

A 3D triangulation sensor with a height resolution of 2 µm is used for this check. The evaluation takes place via a PC with Halcon from MVTec.

The system structure consists of a triangulation sensor that is moved along an axis and scans the freshly applied bead of adhesive. The working distances and fields of view are tailored to the task and can be adjusted for similar applications.


  • Surface defects with small depth can be detected, since the devices are available from a theoretical accuracy of 2 µm in height
  • flexibility in training
  • easy to use because customer-specific setting parameters in one dialog
  • Scan times with resulting resolutions adjustable
  • The system can be specially adapted to your needs and transferred to various applications.
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